Sunday, March 31, 2013

muse, ill camp out for you

3.12.13 was a date ive been waiting for months! muse came to houston to promote the 2nd law album and just like 3 years ago... i waited outside the toyota center since 9am to get a spot on the barrier. and just like 3 years ago, i got it.

 i dont think i could do this for any other band, but there is no way im going to a muse concert if i wont be in the front row. so there it is i admit that even though i just turned 28.. i am a total teenage fan girl when it comes to muse. ( i have to thank my sister in law sofia for supporting my crazyness -considering that she just knows a couple of their songs- // and to my mother in law for taking care of alexander all day! literally 8 to 11. yikes)

sofia and me on bathroom breaks at the hilton //
matt came to say hi (and totally shaked my hand) //
dom gave me his drumstick... !!!

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